We offer prenatal and postnatal classes.  As well as personal trainings during and after pregnancy adjusted to your needs.


reformer and mat

During the workout you will strengthen, stretch and mobilize your body and release tension. 


During pregnancy and childbirth the pelvic floor, abdominal muscles and ligaments are strongly effected. With the Reformer training exactly those tissues will be gently strengthened. The body is sustainably corrected and balanced which reduces back pain and helps to relax your shoulders. The special Pilates breathing technique leads to a sense of well-being and peace, which can also be transferred to the baby positively.


We recommend a personal training before joining the group classes so that your needs are assessed and can be integrated. 


Suitable for pregnant women starting from 16th week of pregnancy.


Wednesday, 19.15-20.15 h, with Alex on  the Reformer in German, English on request

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