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Pilates is gaining the mastery of your mind over the complete control over your body

Joseph Pilates

The Pilates method

The Pilates method is a holistic, efficient and dynamic workout that strengthens, stretches and mobilizes the body. Balanced and flowing exercises with coordinated breathing puts body and mind in perfect harmony and influences the body awareness positively.



Regular training with the Pilates Method helps to improve: 

  • strong and flexible spine

  • upright and stabile posture

  • strengthening abdominal and back muscles

  • strengthening pelvic floor muscles

  • lean and flexible body

  • better body awareness and coordination

  • positive vibes

  • serenity


The Pilates training includes about 500 exercises and is based on Pilates equipment such as "Reformer", "Cadillac", "Chair" and "Ladder Barrel" developed by Joseph Pilates or on the mat with the help of small tools such as softball, "Theraband", Magic Circle, foam roller and weights.


It's based on 9 Pilates principles that make the exercises even more effective.

The 9 principles of pilates


Focus is the key to success. If you are attentive you can control your body perfectly and influence it positively. 


Breathing facilitates and enhances movement. If you breath consciously you can control your core directly.


From the core we draw strength and stability that we need for the exercises. If you concentrate, the body strengthens your mind.


Clear intention is required in order to achieve your goals. Focused and intentive muscle activation creates muscle memory. 


Maintain proper form, alignment and effort during the exercise. 


The goal is to integrate the newly acquired movement patterns into your everyday life.


Pilates classes have rhythm and flow. The movements are gracefully and smooth.


Thanks to differentiation, it is possible to estimate how much force a single exercise requires. A differentiated training balances muscle contraction and release.


Consistent and regular training soon bring noticeable benefits.