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Michèle Daucourt

Marketing, Social Media and trainer at CITYPILATES

What brought you to pilates?

Through Patricia Schurr (also trainer at CITYPILATES), which once taught classes at my old work-place and I was fascinated right away. 


What do you like about it?

The feeling afterwards. That well-being, the ease, to feel every muscle during and after the training. You see and feel the success very quickly which keeps yourself motivated to continue and develop. Besides, the movement sequences are very nice and fluid.


Why did you become an instructor? 

I am deeply convinced, as it is an incredibly good, beautiful and soothing training for everyone. The core muscles are the crucial element which helps you to prevent various injuries. Continuity is the key to success - this happens through motivation and fun ,and I would like to convey that. 


What's special about your way of teaching?

I love challenging our customers and adding a few strength training exercises in my workouts. Which may could burn a little, but are also a lot of fun ;) 


Your Education:

Diplomate Pilates Trainer, Matwork and Reformer, Art of Motion (2015)

Diplomate Pilates Trainer, Studio & Matwork, BASI Pilates (2019)

Further Formations: Anatomy Trains (Art of motion), small Pilates gadgets

(Art of Motion)