CITYPILATES also offers you circuit trainings on the original Pilates tools. Accompanied by a trainer, you will discover the studio equipment developed by Joseph Pilates in a small group of max. 8 participants and dive deeper into the method.


The Pilates Equipment Circuit Workout is the perfect opportunity to discover all Pilates apparatuses. Paulina will challenge you through the class and train you for the skiing season.

It takes place on the extraordinary pieces of Pilates apparatuses: the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel & Arc.

It is designed for an open group setting, with the maximum of 7 participants.


The Training has 3 parts:


1. Warm-up on the mat


2. Individual work: 3 minutes on each of the 7 exercises & equipment stations. In between you will have a 5 minutes break to familiarize yourself with the next station.


3. Another full round through the 7 stations with new exercises.


Paulina is an experienced Circuit Pilates instructor and will help you to find the ideal exercise for each fitness level.



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CHF 65, 90min.

Yearly- and halfyearly-clients: CHF 35, 90min



A course registration is required. To register for the courses,  open  a user account and create your own and flexible timetable at MINDBODY.


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Change happens Through movement
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