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What brought you to pilates?

Back in college I was looking for a training that would challenge me physically but allow me to relax mentally.

A colleague then took me to a mat lesson. I was blown away from the beginning. 


What do you like about it?

On the one hand, Pilates is a gentle and yet very efficient training method. 

On the other hand, Pilates does not only exist as an independent training, but can be combined wonderfully with other sports.


Why did you become an instructor? 

I just wanted to know more and dive even deeper into this method.

I wanted to pass on this great feeling that you're getting through a regular Pilates training.


What's special about your way of teaching?

Variety and a good atmosphere are very important to me. 

The Pilates method offers so many possibilities and never gets boring, no matter on which level you train.

I really enjoy the training and I try to pass this on to the participants of my classes.


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